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About Us is a comprehensive web-based resource that connects medical schools and residency programs to community preceptors. It provides point-of-need instruction for preceptors in the form of videos, tips, answers to frequently asked questions, and links to in-depth information on precepting topics.

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The AAFP has reviewed, and deemed it acceptable for AAFP credit. Term of approval is from 03/15/2022 to 03/15/2023. Physicians should claim only the credit commensurate with the extent of their participation in the activity.

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Recognize your preceptors and precepting sites by providing them with a national award. Medical schools and residency programs can nominate teachers and teaching practices that meet the criteria.

Frequently Asked Questions

For Preceptors and Faculty

Q. How do I log in?

A. If the institution for which you precept has added you to their user list, you can access the website using the shared username and password they have set up for you. If you received one of our monthly emails (from, your username and password is included in the email. If you still aren’t sure if you have access, please contact us at for additional help.

Q. How can I find out who my institutional administrator is?

A. Email us at and include the name of the institution for whom you precept, as well as the state in which you practice.

Q. How can I access my school’s documents?

A. Many institutions had added helpful information into the My School section of Teaching Physician. If your school has taken advantage of this feature, use the My School link to view those resources (you must be logged in to access this page). If you precept for more than one institution, you'll be able to view documents only for the first institution that put you into the system.

Q. How can I find the information I need on

A. The website has been designed to make content discovery simple. There are different ways to find what you need.

  • For a complete overview of the website, navigate to the roadmap, and proceed through the site from the first section to the last section.
  • Use the Learning Paths feature to select a custom path based on your needs. Learning Paths can also be found on the Home page.
  • Use the Topic Index to scan the titles of every page on the website.
  • Use the Search page to find every page matching your search term.

Q. What can I do with the self-assessment report?

A. The self-assessment report provides you with a weighted list of pages that are organized according to both your immediate needs and your desired focus of learning. The report is unique to you, and can be used as a guide for proceeding through the website.

For Institutional Admins

Q. How do I access my institution's information?

A. Sign in to Teaching Physician with your Institutional Admin credentials. These were set up by the person who created your account.  

Q. What is the difference between my admin login credentials and the shared login credentials?

A. Admin credentials are what you use to:

  • Add documents to the My School section
  • Add or delete preceptors from your account. You can upload a .csv document or add them one at a time.

Shared credentials are what you:

  • Give preceptors access to, including your institution's important documents. 

Q. How can I share important documents with my preceptors?

A. [Please Note: this feature will be fully operational later in 2022.] By logging in as an administrator, you have access to a document hub that lets you upload important documents in the My School area of the site for preceptor access. Once there, follow the instructions on screen to start using this valuable resource. You can upload documents such as your clerkship learning objectives, policies, and evaluation forms. Be sure to let your preceptors know when you have uploaded new documents.

Remember: your documents are accessible by anyone with your institution's shared login credentials. 

Q. Can I change my admin or shared login credentials?

A. Absolutely. Just contact us at and let us know.