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Identify Types of Learner Difficulty

Learners in your clinic will gain more than medical knowledge and procedural training: they will also learn about their own professional identities, how to set learning goals, and how to be an effective member of an interprofessional team. Working on a team involves cultivating healthy professional relationships, and learners can learn this from you by observing how you interact with clinical team members.

To set the stage for developing positive professional relationships, identify the members of your team and describe their roles to your learner. Recognize and acknowledge the range of expertise they each provide, and champion the skills of all members of your team. Use team huddles, or another method, to regularly check in with clinical staff. In this way, you can review the patient care tasks for the day, as well as review areas for improvement. A learner who understands the importance of cultivating professional relationships will become an important part of providing care for your patients.

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